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Dear Partner,

We believe in making the Systematic Investment Plan (“SIP”) experience as seamless as possible. This is why, Union Mutual Fund has introduced an option to modify the details of SIP for the investors having pre-existing SIP registrations by submitting the SIP Modification Form. This option enables the investors to change/ modify any one or more of the following details by placing a modification request 30 days prior to the next Auto Debit date.

Scheme name
Scheme option
SIP instalment amount
SIP date
SIP Frequency
SIP Top up details
Unlike the existing process, which requires the investors to cancel the existing SIP, re-apply afresh and wait for 45 days to complete the process, the SIP Modification option enables them to modify the existing SIP details by submitting a single Form.

Please note that the modified/revised details mentioned in the SIP Modification Form shall override the existing SIP registration details.

For detailed information, please refer the SIP Modification Form.

93214 03687
1800 200 2268 / 1800 572 2268

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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