Mechanical Engineer

Sreeram Ramasubramanian’s Mechanical Engineering Page

Training For New Joinees
Production System Analysis and Control
Adaptive workplace design based on biomechanical stress curves
Dynamic Characteristics of Tapered Roller Bearings
Analysis of Self Optimizing Systems in Engineering
Human Factors in Product Development and Design
Designing New Forging Steels
Fatigue Life Analysis of Ball Bearings based on Axial Overload and Angular Misalignment
Human Factors in Production Systems: Motives, Methods and Beyond
Hypothesis for a theory of production in the context of Industrie 4.0
Machine Vision System for Curved Surface Inspection
Meta-modelling techniques towards virtual production intelligence
Business Models with Additive Manufacturing – Opportunities from the perspective of engineering and management
One Point Perspective Vanishing Point Estimation for mobile robot based navigation system
Pipelined High Speed Low Power Neural Network Controller for Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation using FPGA
Research on Ball Bearing Model Based on Local Defects
Research Paper on Robotics – New Era
Robotics Navigation using MPEG CDVS
Timken Bearing Analysis
Development of Tapered Roller Bearings for Electric/Hybrid vehicles
Proxemics models for human-aware navigation in robotics: Grounding interaction and personal space models in experimental data from psychology
Swarms of micro aerial vehicles optimized under a relative visual localization
A Study Of Bearings And It’s Types
A Review Paper on Analysis of Ball Bearing Cage
Planning-aware Communication for Decentralised Multi-Robot Coordination
The Relationship between Spirituality and Engineering (work) Ethics in the Workplace
The Use of (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics)-Related Films as a Tool to Introduce the Middle School Students to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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