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multi-asset fund

multi-asset fund

Dear Investor,

Asset allocation is critical in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Why HDFC Multi-Asset Fund?
Invests in 3 asset classes viz. Equity, Debt & Gold and aims to meet asset allocation need of investors
Model driven approach@ to equity allocation, with unhedged equity allocation ranging between 40% to 80%
The total equity exposure (hedged + unhedged) is maintained above 65% of Total Assets so as to retain equity taxation benefit at all points in time
Tactical allocation to Gold related instruments (10% to 30% of Total Assets) aims to reduce volatility of portfolio returns and acts as a hedge against inflation/uncertainty
Portfolio allocation as on December 31, 2022

Equity Debt $ Gold related instruments REITs/InvITs Total
Unhedged Hedged
53% 13% 18% 13% 3% 100%
$ Includes Cash, cash equivalents and Net Current Assets
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Right Asset Allocation is the key. Make it easy with HDFC Multi-Asset Fund.
HDFC Multi-Asset Fund

(An open ended scheme investing in equity and equity related instruments, debt & money market instruments and gold related instruments) is suitable for investors who are seeking*

Riskometer #riskometer
  • To generate long-term capital appreciation/income
  • Investments in a diversified portfolio of equity & equity related instruments, debt & money market instruments and Gold related instruments

*Investors should consult their financial advisers, if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

#For latest Riskometer, investors may refer to the Monthly Portfolios disclosed on the website of the Fund viz.

@As per the current investment strategy which is subject to change depending on the market condition.
For complete portfolio details refer the website viz. HDFC AMC/HDFC MF is not guaranteeing or assuring any returns on investments in the Scheme. To start an SIP in HDFC Multi-Asset Fund, please contact your Mutual Fund Distributor/ Registered Investment Advisor.
SIP – Systematic Investment Plan
Release Date : 17 January, 2023


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