Rural Insurance


Rural Insurance

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Peril 1

Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy

Peril 2

Agricultural (Shrimp and Prawn) Policy

Peril 3

Cattle Insurance

Peril 4

Cycle Rickshaw Insurance Policy

Peril 5

Dog Insurance

Peril 6

Fish in Ponds

Peril 7

Insurance of Fish in Ponds

Peril 8

Gramin Accident Insurance

Peril 9

Janata Personal Accident Policy

Peril 10

Kalihan Insurance Package Policy

Peril 11

Kisan Agriculatural Pumpset Insurance

Peril 12

Poultry Insurance

Peril 13

Rabbit Insurance

Peril 14

Plantation/Horticulture Insurance

Peril 16

Rajrajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Bima Yojana

Peril 17

Sericulture (Silkworm) Insurance

Peril 18

Tea Plantation Insurance

Peril 19

Micro Swasthya

Peril 20

Universal Health Insurance

Peril 21

Micro Swasthya (Group)

Peril 22

Universal Health (Group)

Peril 23

Micro Universal

Peril 24

Kisan Package


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