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About Union Multicap Fund

Introducing Union Multicap Fund – A Disciplined Approach to Investing
#AchieveMore with discipline

It is the practice of discipline that is key to achieving more. Discipline takes luck out of the equation. In fact, it matters, even more, when it comes to investments. It is easy to get swayed by emotions as well as market moods and react to it. Accomplished and seasoned investors realise that the difference between good and bad performance is simply discipline. For what good is a plan, if one doesn’t stick to it?


Why Union Multicap Fund?

  • A fixed range bound allocation through all market conditions.
  • Rigour in maintaining range bound allocations across market capitalisation ensuring less volatility across time periods.
  • True diversification as it ensures that the fund is not heavily invested in any particular market capitalisation at any time.
  • Takes emotion – both exuberance or despair – out of play as it does not react irrationally to current market activities, giving the fund the greatest chance to fulfil its intended purpose – market and inflation beating returns.


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